the firgrove centre logo The Firgrove Centre

   The Firgrove Centre
   107 Firgrove road Shirley Southampton SO15 3ET
   Registered charity no. 298483
 At the Centre we offer counselling services which are open to both womenand men over the age of 18.
Firgrove’s counselling services cover:
- baby loss at any stage of pregnancy
 - a birth mother’s loss to adoption
 - unplanned pregnancy
 - loss following a termination       

Referrals to Firgrove

 - clients can self-refer or
 - be signposted through GPs, bereavement mid-wives and other healthcare professionals
A client’s reason for seeking counselling may be recent or from many years ago and clients can be seen separately or as couples.
Our team of counsellors
* are specifically trained to deliver bereavement counselling and unbiased support for an unplanned pregnancy
 * Firgrove is a member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) and we follows their guidelines for best practice.
* is through the support of local individuals and Firgrove has been established for over 30 years
If you would like to contact us to offer support or use our services you can get in touch by phoning 023 8078 3134 or email: or via our website: