Taizé service.  1st Sunday of each month at 6.00pm. 
St Mary's Parish Church, City Centre

Time for prayer in an atmosphere of reflection, quietness, and sacred stillness.  When the beauty and simplicity of the chants bring a unity and peace that invade the heart in prayerful silence.
We offer you the opportunity to be at one with God at the end of a busy weekend. Taizé prayer is composed of repetitive singing of songs in English, Latin or other languages, of readings taken from the Bible and the Psalms and of meditative prayer.
Developing from a small beginning this service offers an opportunity for singers, musicians and for those with other skills to join and take part. We welcome people from all areas, not just from our Parish and offer this service for all those in Southampton and its surrounding areas.

every first Sunday, 09/09/2015