Appeal for Volunteers 

Have you ever watched young people drinking or smoking cannabis in your local park in the evening and wished that there was something you could do about it?

Do you hear stories of young lives pointlessly snuffed out by a legal or illegal drug and long to intervene?
If so, Hope UK’s voluntary Drug Educator Training Programme is for you.  A national Christian charity, Hope UK aims to enable children and young people to make drug and alcohol-free choices.  We desperately need more volunteers to take up the challenge of educating children and young people in Southampton about drugs and alcohol and giving them the lifeskills they need to make healthy choices.
Hope UK’s training course is accredited with the Open College Network to ensure high standards.  Consisting of distance learning and three (often residential) training weekends, the course takes approximately 120 hours to complete over a period of 6 months.
When you have finished the course, and with ongoing support from our HQ office, you will be equipped to deliver drug education sessions in schools, with youth groups, with parents and even on the street!
Hope UK’s drug education is interactive and follows evidence-based best practice guidelines.  You will have access to a wide range of activities, games and other resources to help you deliver sessions that are engaging and effective.
Additional training is available to deliver Hope UK’s 8-session course for youth groups, Drugs, Sex and You, which is making a real impact on young people wherever it is used.
Here is a sample of the feedback received by Hope UK’s Drug Educators:
“Jo read the group’s dynamics and gently re-directed them by encouraging the young people to take part and remain focused.  One young person was the calmest I’ve see her yet. The attention span of the group was good - best seen yet!”

(Comment from youth worker with hard-to-reach young people).*
And here is what one of our Educators says about being a volunteer with Hope UK:
“Hope UK’s training is brilliant and the trainers are second to none.  I actually enjoyed the whole experience! The continued support that I have had since completing Basic 3 is also fantastic – I can contact the office whenever I need to, and no question is too silly!  I am also still in touch with those who trained with me.  I came into this wanting to help others but have also gained friends.”

If you want to be one of them, please contact Hope UK by e-mail (; phone (020 7928 0848) or write to 25(f) Copperfield Street, London SE1 0EN.

12/09/16, 12/09/2016