Christian full-time Living-Recovery Addiction recovery programme 

This full-time structured addiction recovery programme runs Monday to Friday at The Victory Centre, Portswood.  

It is for men and women with any addiction who are at a point in their recovery journey where they seriously want to be free and to live a new life free from addiction.  They access the course daily whilst living in their own accommodation.  This enables their family to receive support while they go through recovery and for ongoing support once the course has finished.  It also enables any daily issues which arise through their social networks, lack of life skills or money management to be dealt with as they arise and worked through in a supportive environment.

The programme consists of:
Addiction recovery and relapse prevention teaching
Life skills
literacy (with 1 to 1 tuitition for those with dyslexia or similar)
key working
art, music, sport
Toxic thinking workshops
Weekly worship
Daily thought for the day
Mentoring, key-working
plus more....

The programme is holistic covering spiritual, physical and emotional development.  Addicts can work through life issues daily in a safe environment with trained staff.  Staff training is provided by ISAAC International.

Anyone interested should contact Dawn the Living-Recovery Manager on: 07736167600
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