Breakfast Club 

In late 2018 when the Saturday morning Breakfast Club dropped down to only three churches, Life Church volunteered to fill the gap in 2019 by hosting Breakfast Club for two Saturdays a month for the year. 

We would like to invite other churches in Southampton to pick up the hosting and running of one of these two Saturday morning Breakfast Clubs (either the first or second Saturday of the month) in 2020 as we do not plan to continue with two Saturday past the year we have committed too.

The team at Life Church have enjoyed running two Breakfast clubs as part of our 2019 vision and it has given greater opportunity for those with us to serve the city. We'd love to use this experience to help another church to set-up a Saturday morning team, and can offer to help by:
- Inviting potential members of any new church's team to come along to any of the remaining BCs in 2019 to see how we do it
- Offering our BC Leaders to meet a team from another church to help plan the set up and logistics 
- Providing some team members for the first few months of 2020 to come to another church to help serve and transition well
- Coming to another churches meeting (sunday or another time) to share about Breakfast club, answer questions and pray with you.
- Provide training for kitchen staff, and advice for other team members.

We do hope and pray that there will be another church team envisioned to take this on.

09/07/19, 09/07/2019