Building Community in a time of Crisis 

Zoom can be used in a number of ways, bringing friendship groups together, larger events like church services, teaching piano and many more. We’ll be adding material to the facebook page as we develop our own skills.

Please look at the fb page here ( for upcoming events. So for example this week we have two events:
Zoom tech with Beth Butler,  1pm, Tuesday 31st March

Zoom training 7:30pm Tuesday 31st

April 16th ‘Evangelism in a Time of Crisis: using conference apps in your church’. More details to follow.

This is for those who have tried Zoom out and need just a bit more help. Before you ask any technical questions please do check out the excellent Zoom tutorial section and the Zoom FAQ section.

We all now face physical isolation. Yet as believers WE ARE NOT ALONE. We have the Spirit living within us, an ever present help in times of trouble. Like never before we are the scattered body. Isolated, yet not alone. Afraid but full of joy.

Here is a link for the recording of our training session, and all the powerpoints and info that we shared.

Thanks so much, we'd love your prayers and encouragement as we seek to serve the church

With love 

Nay Dawson 

31/03/20, 31/03/2020