Southampton Food Aid Forum 

Autumn 2020 Food Project Survey

Dear friends,
As we move through this second lockdown together, having done some excellent joined-up working, sharing resources and expertise, it seems an important time for clear communication and cooperation amongst all of those that provide food aid in Southampton.
We have therefore started this work as 'Southampton Food Aid Forum' pulling together the larger food projects for an initial meeting. As the next step, we invite you to contribute to this food project survey if you are involved in any way in providing free food to others in Southampton.

This data will be pulled together for us by Love Southampton and made available to all projects that have contributed. We will also share the findings with partners, such as SCC, as we all look to work together to provide help for those in need. This information will not be made public at this stage, it is essentially for Project Leads to communicate and cooperate together where they wish to.
If, in the future, we wanted to make an online food directory (or similar enterprise) for the city, then all partners would be consulted about what data they wished to share publicly.
By providing details of who you are feeding, how much and how often, we will be able to put together a citywide picture of food aid in Southampton. This will help immediately with our emergency planning and long-term will enable us all to see where gaps or over provision might arise. This will mean that together we can provide the best type of help for people, that helps them up and out of crisis and back into stability.
Many thanks for your partnership in this important work.
Duncan House
SCM General Manager
On behalf of Southampton Food Aid Forum and Love Southampton

20/11/20, 20/11/2020