I Am Mark - The Movie 

Stef Smart of New Community Church, Southampton, has recently seen his solo word for word dramatisation of Mark’s Gospel, I AM MARK, released as a film, on American TV channel CMAXTV. This exciting two and a half hour long performance of the whole gospel can be viewed in four episodes and comes with some thought-provoking conversation starters, called “Question MARK”. This makes iit ideal for small groups, in person or over Zoom, as well as personal devotions.

You can read more about I AM MARK and download your own copy of the film here: https://iam-mark.com/on-film

Praise for I AM MARK, the movie:

“To hear St. Mark the Evangelist share his account of the gospel through Stefan Smart's dramatic I Am Mark presentation is a profound and beautiful experience. Many of us have read and studied the Gospel of Mark as ink on a page, and then only in snippets. But to hear it spoken with passion in unbroken story arc by someone who has so deeply internalized the spirit of the message--positively gripping!”
Rev. Dr. Bradley Jersak
Dean of Theology & Culture, St. Stephen's University, Canada, author of A More Christ-like God

Clip of I AM MARK here!

03/02/21, 03/02/2021