Pray 168

Pray 168 launches on Ash Wednesday, 17th February.

This is a vision for the City of Southampton to be covered with an hour-by-hour continuous wave of prayer and worship. Individuals or groups sign up to pray for one specific hour in the week - the same hour every week. 

So far we have 33 hours booked, with new enquiries coming in.

Please familiarise yourself with the plans and promote it in your church. We have a set of prayer topics to help our united prayers be comprehensive and specific, at the heart of which is a cry for God to forgive us and revive us. We truly believe that our prayers together are going to be very significant for the history of Southampton. Our expectation is that God will move in wonderful ways through them.

See for details, or contact Richard Pitt directly via email:

Thank you.

03/02/21, 03/02/2021