Broadcast Service Opportunity 

Calling all Churches in South Hampshire, the South Coast & the Isle of Wight.

I am looking for churches who are interested in sharing the good news of Jesus by broadcasting a service on 'Outreach Radio' (, DAB, [100.7FM] on Sunday Mornings between 10am-11am.

If you are interested please email to take things forward.

A handful of churches in Chandlers Ford have been relaying their services via Outreach Radio during Lockdown - and I'm looking for one or two more churches who this may be appropriate for to strengthen our team and reach.
Currently St Francis Church, Chandlers Ford ( have been doing the bulk of the slots - and are a great example for us.

Communication & Audience
The idea is that we still are 'ourselves', we still do our services as we would, but that we also include the radio audience who are 'out there'. I am told that people listen from across the whole region, even on the Isle of Wight. This is a great way to reach those who struggle with more modern technologies, but can manage radio.

Tech & Planning
This will work for churches who do services via Zoom or Facebook Live, but not for Churches who use YouTube (due to copywriting complications). The radio station will simply join your services, just like a member of your congregation - this enables them to broadcast! 

You will also need to ensure that your services begin at 10am and that the broadcast finishes at 11am (there is nothing to stop you carrying on your own services after 11am). My own church normally has services at 10:30am, but when we offer a radio service we simply wake up a bit earlier, and begin at 10am. If there are any more private 'church family' prayers, then we do this after 11am. We do plan these services a bit more thoroughly - and are more mindful of time, however, the radio stations are very accomodation - and encourage us to simply be who we are - the local church!

So if you are interested in offering a service, please reply to me and we can talk about dates. And if you have any further questions, myself or one of the team should be able to answer them.

Yours in Christ,
Jamie Broadey
Community Worker / Evangelist @ Velmore Church
Co-ordinating for Outreach Radio

16/03/21, 16/03/2021