Hope Now - Administrator and Bookeeper needed 

We have 2 vacancies and are looking for a couple of people who are happy to be office based as our Southampton office has regular visitors bringing aid, donations etc!

Hope Now website is here!

Telephone Number: 023 8078 0720
E-mail address for enquiries and application form: info@hopenow.org.uk


Answer general post or pass to who needs it either in person or by email
Take post to post office (not post box)
Post must not be opened by 1 person alone
Answer/forward/deal with emails
Recruit volunteers when needed
Proofread the newsletter if/when sent to you
Health and Safety:
Do a visual check weekly
Annual Weekend:
Book venue agreed by Trustees
Liaise with hotel re numbers and equipment needed
Book a speak if Trustees ask you to do this
Sort hotel rooming out re guests
Liaise with our supporters and answer their questions re the weekend
Make sure a booking form is sent out in good time
Arrange programme in line with what Trustees ask
Visitors to Office:
Make them welcome, perhaps offer tea/coffee
Sort what they came in for
General consumables:
Make sure there is sufficient toners for the printing machines
Order all stationary required
Make sure toilets and kitchen have all they need
Alarms: Southern Monitoring
Organise response rota
Contact them if alarms go off
They will contact you if they go off outside office hours
Contact them if order of response changes (i.e. someone on holiday)
Ensure the offices are clean and tidy
Keep the kitchen clean and tidy
Clean toilets and wash towels
Unit 1:
Let Trustees know if there are any problems either raised by our tenant, Tomba, or to do with our tenant
Students and Sponsored People:
Keep up to date records of all those we support in Ukraine
Record when letters are sent/received
Check the car park, fences and gates
Liaise with the Malvern Pub for repairs to the fence (or anything else needed)
In consultation with the Trustees be responsible for all maintenance
General Duties:
Write to Trusts
Sort and send any correspondence brought back from Ukraine for sponsors
Yearly ‘thank you’ letters to our standing order donors
Make sure paperwork is done and liaise with Bookkeeper for finance when our couriers come to collect boxes of aid for Ukraine
Make sure the franking machine is topped up, especially before mailout
Check franking machine has sufficient ink and labels
Keep and account for petty cash used

Any other reasonable duty asked by a Trustee

Accounting Package:
Day to day updating of accounts
Evaluate accounts that need sponsors and advise Trustees
Evaluate accounts that are overdrawn and advise Trustees
Sort twice yearly top donors for Trustees
Reconcile Accounting package with Lloyds Bank
Monthly tally of accounts to Trustees
End of year accounts for Trustees/Auditors
Gift Aid:
Process gift aid quarterly and apply to HMRC for money
Use HMRC (already set up) software to work out salary
HMRC Tax and NI
Sort end of tax year requirements
Pensions using ‘The Nest’
Enter all this on accounting package to reconcile
Board paperwork
Pay money into bank
Download the day’s income/expenses
Pay bills by BACS
Physically take cheques to bank
Draw cash out as and when needed
When given a request amount to pay, it is already set up on the Lloyds Bank site, but be very careful everything is correct before sending
Be responsible for insurances
Invoice Unit 1 for rent and make sure it is paid

Liaise with Finance Trustee if there are any problems or you are unsure of anything

Any other reasonable duty asked by a Trustee

16/06/21, 16/06/2021