Learning Communities 

Learning Communities happen at the following venues during the month

LC venues
Here is a list of dates for the dates for the days it is on:

LC dates

Recently an email was sent titled 'Southampton Christian Network UPDATE - May 2022'
You can read about it here.

At the bottom of the email was more information about Learning Communities that we have now started. If you would like to be a part of this and haven't joined yet, please email james@scn.org.uk so we can give you more information.

More details about Learing Communities specifically below.

The invitation
We would like to invite all church leaders in the city on a journey of learning - not a new organisation or structure – by participating in a monthly ‘learning community’ here in Southampton. The plan will be to meet monthly from September 2022 to June 2023, to eat together, pray together and share our learning together around the input that will be accessible via video.
We would particularly welcome you to join us on this journey whether or not you were previously involved with SCN. We want to be part of a new cultural diversity that better represents the breadth of churches in the city.
We are excited by this next phase of our journey together as churches in the city.
Can you imagine the pleasure of God over a city where the leaders and churches seek him together, deeply loving and serving one another and the mission of God with laughter, deep relationships, and a shared passion for the gospel?

God bless 

21/10/22, 21/10/2022