Warm Spaces 

Not everyone will be able to afford to heat their homes this winter. That’s why we’re creating a map where you can find warm and welcoming places to visit with no obligation to pay.
There is an initiative called Warm Spaces that has been set up to advertise places which will be warm and free for people to use – to get warm and find welcome. 
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A list of Warm Spaces in Southampton
The following list, organised in postcodes areas, are local places where during the colder winter months you would get a warm and friendly welcome, a hot drink and
lively chat - this is especially helpful if you find that you are struggling to afford your utility bills at home or if you are feeling isolated or lonely, you will find the support
that you need to cheer you up. We will be updating this regularly as new places open.
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08/09/22, 08/09/2022