Acorn Chaplaincy 

Dear Friends,
Greetings from all at the Acorn at the start of 2023. Acorn Chaplaincy continues to aim to provide a safe space where God’s love shines. We rededicate ourselves to ‘helping people in addiction find God’s Love, Hope and Life’; trusting God to afford our team and guests renewal, spiritual nurturing and flourishment.

Our Ministries
We thank God very much that, since opening our Drop-in in the Autumn of 2021, our ministry is continuing to grow.

1. Drop-in
We celebrate the fruits of trusting relationships that we build with our precious guests. Through their comments, we know our Drop-in provides a ‘safe and welcoming’ space where they can relax, knowing that they ‘are not judged’ and are ‘supported’. We are humbled to see the smiles, joy and affection shared as we experience God’s love and generosity.
As a result, many of our guests are regaining their self-esteem and feel increasing confidence in their recovery and having hope to rebuild their lives.
Through God’s grace, the numbers coming to our Drop-in are increasing.

2. “Recovery Community”
This is a safe space for those who are ready to commit to working on recovering from addiction, to explore deeper the route-cause of their addiction, to retrieve self-esteem, gain sobriety, and rebuild their lives.

With God’s help, we are continuing to forge new working relationships with local organisations and churches.

Volunteering Opportunities
As our ministries grow, we are continuing to recruit dedicated Christians, as well as friends who are sympathetic to our cause, to deliver God’s love and healing to those who are broken by addiction.

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Text us: 07543 333059 

19/02/23, 19/02/2023