About Us

Southampton Christian Network (SCN) is an informal network of around 80 churches and Christian organisations across Southampton with an evangelical basis of faith, who are united in the conviction that the good news of Jesus is for everyone. The network exists to help churches and organisations in the city work together as one body. We recognise the vital importance of each local church and the work that they do. With this in mind, SCN seeks to serve local churches rather than distracting them from what they are already doing.

SCN is led by a team of Christian leaders drawn from the member organisations and is chaired by Paul Finn. As individual followers of Jesus we desire to live in harmony with his teaching and serve him where we live and work. By working alongside one another, we believe we can better represent him to our city and community. You can see our Vision, Values and Basis of Faith here.

SCN started in 2005 although its roots can be traced back many years. It arose from a coming together of the Southampton Evangelical Alliance (SEA) and the Joshua Partnership, but represents the partnership of many Christian groups over half a century. For more on our history, click here.

The aims of SCN are:

  • to facilitate and improve citywide communication between Christians, churches and organisations
  • to promote and co-ordinate prayer in the city
  • to see the citywide church united and released in mission across Southampton

SCN Logo

logo white150 highThe current logo for Southampton Christian Network (SCN) is comprised of three sails of different colours with the network's name. The colours used for the sails are the same as those used in the logo of the national Evangelical Alliance, to which SCN is affiliated. The use of sails to represent the city of Southampton reflects its long association with the sea, and its premier role as a venue for sailing and water based recreation. The choice to use three sails attempts to portray the Trinity of God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. They also represent the different churches, organisations and individual members of SCN, who overlap in transparent fellowship under God’s guidance to build, strengthen and represent his kingdom in the city of Southampton. The type font used for the networks name portrays a contemporary organisation which simultaneously maintains, at its core, traditional evangelical Christian beliefs, as expressed in it’s statement of faith.

The logo was designed in 2006 by local graphic designer and member of SCN Stephen Low (Torch Fellowship).