Southampton NHS Prayer Line 

Do you know we have a dedicated NHS prayer line that sends specific prayer requests to nearly 100 people from across the churches in Southampton?
These people are praying specifically for our carers and everyone working in the NHS in Southampton.
The contact number is: 07940 471 246. This can be shared freely as a contact point. Text us your prayer request, or if you are wanting to join the prayer group, text “Join”.

Please can you publicise in your church network and encourage people to pass this on to anyone you know in the NHS who would appreciate prayer at this time. 
For more details see

Many thanks,
Richard Pitt 
and The Southampton House of Prayer Team

P.S. There is also a general prayer line that will pass on prayer requests from anyone in Southampton to people who are dedicated to praying for our city. Text these prayer requests to 07960 430 674. See

Southampton NHS Prayer Line 

08/04/20, 08/04/2020