Transform Work UK - Help us make Christ known in Southampton Workplaces 

Where will your congregation's faith have the most impact?

In 2019 there were few known Christian Workplace Groups across Southampton. Through 2020 we had seen God speak to his followers with a growing number of people being led to setup prayer groups in their workplaces, many of whom in major employers across the city.

We would like to encourage you to share the details of a Southampton wide monthly zoom call with your congregation. The call is led by Transform Work UK Volunteer Ambassador Matthew Aldridge with the aim of helping people startup prayer groups in their workplaces and to encourage those already leading and joining Christian Workplace Groups. We are joined by group leaders from the City Council, NATS, Hampshire Police, PWC and others that meet and pray for God's Kingdom to come in workplaces across Southampton.

Details can be found at

or by contacting

God bless 

02/02/21, 02/02/2021